Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bar Boulud

I don't know that I can say much about this restaurant beyond that it is excellent. It is everything you expect from a Daniel Boulud eatery. The interior is modern, cool, and very comfortable (although the chairs are not built for dining, only for eating and become uncomfortable midway through your main course.) The service is good, servers are well trained and a sommelier is eager to help with a very nice wine list concentrating on Burgundies. The charcuterie plate was very good and leaned toward pates. The entrees were well executed, balanced and delicious, and dessert made me want more of the same. So go, expect something very good and you will not be let down.

Brian William Waddell is a foodie, beer geek, and author. His numerous blog posts range from food to politics. He also has a book of poetry, Fractured Prose, available here, and is ready to publish his second poetic endeavor.

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