Tuesday, January 27, 2009


For those of you who don't already know, Settebello has been in its new digs at The District at Green Valley Ranch for a few months now, and finally has ambiance!

Settebello is the place in town for real Neapolitan style pizza. For a few years this highly regarded destination was cloistered up on Horizon Ridge in a too-often-forgotten center, and housed in a very plain restaurant which did little to help showcase the top flight pies flying out of their wood fired oven. Now on the east side of Green Valley Parkway in The District, Owner Brad Otton has brought a little Italian style to this more inviting and accessible location.

Everything here is better, except the pizzas. Don't read that wrong. With very little room for improvement before, the pizzas are the same warm, delightful disks of quick cooked dough and toppings that you found when you went to the original. The service has also received an upgrade as have the beer and wine lists. There are some speciality beers here that would impress the best travelled conoisseur, and they actually have a bar at which to enjoy the lofty libations.

The long and short of this one is, simply, go. If you have never been, go now, if you haven't been to the new location, go now, and finally if you were there last night (as I was), GO BACK!

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