Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Momo Sushi

Momo Sushi is a pretty good place for sushi. With atmosphere, staff, and fish better than many local sushi places, I'm glad Momo is ridiculously close (on Stephanie just south of Sunset Station in the Babies R Us Center) to my house. I've made numerous trips, and the fish is always fresh, and the speciality rolls are among the best I've had.

On my last visit I finally got some "regular" food. Their tempura is very good, and their teriyaki salmon is perfectly cooked with a more balanced teriyaki sauce than you usually see at this level. The miso soup and the salad were fairly typical and unexciting. But, I don't go to a sushi place for miso soup and salad. That's the good news here. The stuff that most people would come here for is solid, if not a cut above the norm.

I recommend looking at the specials on the wall behind the sushi bar, often there are rare items available for the more adventurous diner. I don't recommend speaking Japanese to the staff though, as most are not Japanese.

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