Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Bar Round 2

I can't help but be skeptical about the food at bars in this valley. Most are suspect at best and many only survive on being close to the neighborhoods where gamblers live (allowing them to stumble home in their free-well-drink stupor). Even the better, more consistent places are joints I rarely frequent before 11:00 pm, and then only because of a good deal on a late night menu. The Bar at Bermuda & St. Rose has a few things I would actually go in for during normal dining hours.

The biggest draws are their beer (especially the bottled list) and wine lists which each hold some real gems without price gouging. That being said, they do have some good solid bar and comfort food with some twists thrown in. Their mini-corn dogs are silly but tasty, and their Angry Mac & Cheese (a breaded, deep fried cube of macaroni in a jalapeno spiked cheese sauce) is a fun and delicious way to clog your arteries. In the entree column, the Meatloaf and the Philly Cheese Steak were both pleasant surprises to my taste buds. Since my last visit they have cut some of the more adventurous, outside the box (read: disaster on a plate) items from their menu.

The best news is that this place was doing well before, and now that M Resort has opened just down the street they are doing even better.

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