Sunday, May 3, 2009

One Lunch at Serendipity 3 Las Vegas

There's a movie I've never seen which purportedly borrows its name from the original New York outpost of this new Las Vegas restaurant. That isn't what made me go. I had been to the New York location a couple times for dessert and knew it was a can't miss spot for sundaes and their famous "Frrrozen Hot Chocolate." Now I also know it's a very good choice for lunch on The Strip.

The sandwiches show some creativity and are definitely not your usual deli creations. Sometimes the combinations have a little too much going on for one sandwich, such as "A Summer Bries" which has sliced apples, brie, smoked turkey, and a cranberry mayo (The New York version is listed online with a Russian dressing rather than the mayo, and I think that would play better here as the apples and brie clashed with the cranberry mayo) all on a raisin pumpernickel bread.

The thing to get here, non-dessert wise, is definitely the Steakhouse Steak Sandwich "Oscar Style." Two nicely cooked, nicely seasoned, tender steaks topped with asparagus, crab leg meat, and a nice Bearnaise all on a baguette. Not a little six inch baguette, a full 18 or so inches of sandwich is what you're getting into here, a lunch for three to be sure. I haven't tried every steak sandwich in town, but I would be surprised to find one better than this, and, since a small family can share it, at $25 it's a steal.

Someday, I will put in my two days notice to go get their $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae, but until then I'll settle for the sinful ultra-chocolaty goodness of their Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and their other, non-bankruptcy inducing, sundaes. Oh, and that unbeatable steak sandwich.

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