Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lotus of Siam NY...

So, after scouring the net for information for the past week, reading multiple useless paraphrasings of the original New York Times article that appeared last week, and even visiting the lights-on-but-nobody-home restaurant, Grub Street finally got me an answer.

Lotus of Siam NY opens at 24 5th Avenue with a tasting menu on Thursday, November 4th, then starts with its full menu on the 11th. Seven courses of Saipin Chutima's best for only $65 doesn't sound too expensive to me, but convincing someone to buy it for me might not be easy. So I give a shout to all my Las Vegas restaurant critic friends, buy me the meal (including tip) and you get the scoop on your blog first for the West coast crowd.

If there aren't any takers I may have to wait until after I get paid next Tuesday to take in the sublime offerings of this Las Vegas institutions New York outpost. I recently wrote of how much I would miss it. I must recant. I will relish the opportunity to dine in the New York outpost as much as my wallet allows.

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