Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Michelin Man...

Sometimes I get crazy ideas. Usually the ideas involve spending a crazy amount of money. Usually that money is spent on crazy good food. My latest insane inkling is to eat in all of the restaurants which received Michelin Stars in 2011 before said year is through.

I have created a Google Map so you can really see where I have and haven't filled my stomach. There's a small version below.

Below are just a few of the questions I know you have:

Won't it be expensive? Definitely, but there are lunches and things like Restaurant Week to help soften the blow. I will also set up a PayPal Donate button on this blog in case you'd like to help the cause.

Can you really pull this off in time? Yes, as of the posting of this blog I have hit 10 of the 55 restaurants on the list (57 received stars, but 2 are no longer operating). That is on pace, if not a little ahead.

I looked at your map, some of the places you've "been to" have outposts in Las Vegas that you are counting, isn't that cheating? It's only cheating if the person making the rules says it is. I make the rules, therefore, not cheating. In each case the "copycat" in Vegas also received a star when Michelin went to the desert. Meaning the experiences are probably comparable. We aren't here to split hairs.

So, come along for the ride, it will be a fun one. And, if you should happen to get tired of living vicariously through me, feel free to come buy me dinner anywhere on the list.

View The Michelin Man... in a larger map

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