Tuesday, December 4, 2012

MilkMade Ice Cream: December 2012

There are few things that make me happier than ice cream. I'm not even horribly picky about the flavor, although cookies and cream is my go-to in a pinch. So, when I heard about MilkMade's subscription-only monthly delivery I knew I had to give it a go.

The ladies at MilkMade create two new flavors each and every month and hand deliver them to their faithful customers. The flavors are usually quite creative and they use local and artisanal ingredients in their natural, hand-made pints. It isn't cheap for obvious reasons, but after receiving my first two pints last night I know it is worth it.

The flavors this month are "The Best Worst Holiday Gift," a riff on the classic holiday fruitcake, and "The Last Pint," a spicy chocolate reference to the impending end of the Mayan calendar. These concepts are right in line with the company's more-often-than-not whimsical flavor creations. More importantly, they are both what I like to refer to as "extremely yummy."

The fruitcake inspired pint balances the sweetness of raisins and candied nuts with a rich and complex buttery-ness usually reserved for better butter-pecan iterations. The texture is perfect with its chewy, crunchy, and creamy balance. I really can't think of a way to make this better except for a personal preference for more nuts.

The spicy chocolate pint is referred to on the MilkMade website as a xocolatl ice cream and an homage to the Mayans. While the Maya word for chocolate was chocol'ha and xocolatl is actually an Aztec word, this flavor rises above the linguistic misappropriations of its creators and becomes a rich, spicy treat worthy of the gods of all Mesoamerican cultures. Basically the same spicy chocolate drink was enjoyed by both cultures anyway. The chilis used in this provide a nice slow burn on the back of the palette that makes milk a good beverage choice for after a few bites. The chocolate is rich and creamy and provides the perfect vehicle and balance for the spice.

My only problem with MilkMade so far is that I am almost out of it already and have to wait until next year for more.

Brian William Waddell is a foodie, beer geek, and author. His numerous blog posts range from food to politics. He also has a book of poetry, Fractured Prose, available here, and is ready to publish his second poetic endeavor.